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What is 'Open Internet Distribution'

The concept of 'Open Internet Distribution' allows tourism and travel sales channels, reservation and distribution systems to be linked with other tourism and travel sales channels, reservation and distribution systems, allowing the flow of reservation and payment data, from one system to one or more systems without hindrance, by using an 'Open Distribution' platform.

Open Internet Distribution eliminates the restrictive barriers of proprietary reservation and distribution systems, by increasing the range of travel and tourism products and services to any retail points of sale whether it is a website, home based or travel agency consultant, online travel agency, online magazines, etc or other sales channels and distribution systems like wholesalers, tour operators, aggregators, etc.

Open Internet Distribution also eliminates the need for expensive connections to multiple sales channels, reservation and distribution systems. For the cost of one connection, a tourism operator or supplier can make available their range of tourism related products or services to a wide range of sales channels and distribution systems, yet still have control of their product inventory, pricing, bookings and payments from any sales channels or distribution systems they want to connect and do business with, whether it is in their region, country or globally.

Open Internet Distribution is a cost effective means for global coverage without the cost of expensive printing and distribution of brochures, magazines and internet advertising, as all sales are performance based and trackable.

Open Internet Distribution allows a tourism operator or supplier to deal directly with potential retail customers across multiple sales channels and distribution systems, by offering real time availability, prices, instant confirmation booking/s, online travel and holiday itinerary building and be able to accept payments through one payment gateway from their customer's smart phone, computer tablet/IPad, netbook, laptop or PC.

BM Marketing is a web marketing partner of the Open Distribution Alliance.


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