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With the next generation of internet based travel and tourism reservation and distribution systems, using system to system access of products and services from a growing range of tourism, travel and event operators, coupled with increasing usage of smart phones, laptops and computer tablets/IPads - retail consumers do not want to spent time searching multiple websites, making phone calls or emailing booking requests, but want, with a quick touch or click of a mouse, to have access to a wide range of travel and tourism related products and services from one or two global network of reservation distribution systems and sales channels to make their travel planning easier.

They also want to have the ability to have access to a 'Human' for assistance as they travel - using real time live chat and/or VOIP (voice over internet protocol) phone technology embedded into web sites, where they can chat or choose from a range of international 'In Country' local phone numbers, with a live consultant for travel assistance in making their reservation/s - 24 hours a day - 7 days a week regardless of time zones and languages.

With new internet based reservation, distribution and communication technology - BM Marketing is an experienced e-reseller/e-agent in using affiliate and other internet sales reservation distribution channels for tourism product and services through multiple niche information and marketing reservation websites and 'Human to Human' internet based communication services.

BM Marketing has been involved in tourism e-commerce since 2010 bringing 25 years of experience (of which 17 years has been spent in internet marketing and tourism product distribution through a network of successful reservation marketing information websites) in the travel and tourism industry ranging from retail to wholesale marketing, product development, reservations and distribution and developing niche markets including 12 years spent in developing New Zealand's gay and lesbian tourism industry.

With BM Marketing extensive knowledge and experience in internet marketing and product distribution, we can offer any tourism, travel or transport operator, cost effective solutions in global reservation distribution, communications and e-business products and services through a range of products and services that are cost efficient and effective through a range of BM Marketing 'Branded' information and reservation marketing websites.


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